Over 70 years of experience –
and we’re just getting started.

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Company history

Grundig Intermedia GmbH has its roots in the traditional German company Grundig AG, which was founded in 1946 and which has achieved world fame with radios and televisions. In 2007 Grundig Intermedia GmbH became part of Arçelik AS, one of the leading companies within the internationally active Koç Group. Grundig, over 70 years of experience – and we’re just getting started; Since 2021, it has been offering a range of Bluetooth Audio here in Australia.

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Grundig worldwide - 65 countries, 1,600 people, 1 heartbeat.

Our roots are in Germany, we are at home in the world.
Grundig is currently represented on 5 continents worldwide.
One thing unites us across all borders: the strong belief in
our work and our performance.